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IAHsummer is an international architecture, DIY and graphic design festival, in its sixth edition this year, created and promoted by Archistart. It takes place in San Cataldo – on the seaside, near Lecce – at the Ostello del Sole, from 1st to 8th August 2019.
The participants are students and young graduates, under 35, from all over the world. They live together for 7 days, sharing ideas and gaining essential experience, surrounded by the wonderful landscape of Salento coasts.
The innovative aspects of the initiative are the breaking of traditional learning processes and the focus on: integration and cultural exchange; exploration of the Apulian territory; design experience in a stimulating
environment provided by the close contact with tutors; positive competition; hands on the experience of DIY projects construction.. and a lot of IAH fun!!


IAHsummer2019 is a multidisciplinary creativity and urban regeneration festival. Young architects and designers will live an experience of a network, interaction with the territory, and fun.
The festival is divided into 3 workshops:

Architectural design workshop

The architectural design workshop changes!
The workshop will be coordinated by a selection of young under 35 Italian architectural firms. So it’ll be a further network and relationship opportunity for the participants, as they will be able to get in touch with those professionals currently on a successful career.
The participants, split into 8 groups, will be tutored by 4 mentors; the 8 groups will compete on one single theme and will have to produce an A1 sheet and a scale model.
On the last day, a jury composed of an internationally renowned architectural firm, a member of the Archistart team and a representative of the municipal administration will meet.
A member of the winning group will have the chance to be selected for an internship at one of the partner firms. Here below the 4 partners and the theme:

The theme of our workshop will be the regeneration of San Cataldo ‘Ostello del Sole’ hostel: turn it into a community hub near the sea, as a community lighthouse and a space for cultural and recreational activities, as the capital of the entire urban regeneration process of the coast.

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Self-construction workshop

The IAHsummer19 festival, in line with the previous editions, launches a self-construction workshop for the regeneration of San Cataldo’s waterfront, in Lecce.
In this way, the promenade, with ECOstation installation (realized during IAHsummer2018), will be animated by interventions that favour the social aggregation, cultural activities, and better accessibility to the beach.
In 2019 edition will come realized 3 installations designed for three symbolic places of the urban waterfront:

the beach

The installation, inspired by the theme of ONDEsea realized during IAHsummer2018, aims to respond to a functional need for the connection between the waterfront and the beach, with an intervention characterized by architectural and landscape quality, so it can be a distinctive and identifying element for the area of reference. The project will be designed by the winners of the SCC2019 contest (Self Construction Competition – soon online).

the pier

Last year we enhanced San Cataldo pier with a light installation, realized during the Effimero laboratory.
This year the installation for the pier area means to investigate its relationship with the water and the sea, and the use of the pier as a natural extension of the public spaces of the waterfront.

The pier project will be designed and coordinated by Grriz

the waterfront

This research and experimentation laboratory will aim to activate urban regeneration practices through a virtuous use of light. The lab will investigate the use of light as a means of activation and enhancement of public spaces. The developed project will have to dialogue with space, the community and the events that will take place on the seafront.

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Graphic design workshop

Where are you from? is the title of this year graphic design workshop.
Thanks to the structure of IAHsummer19 festival, its location and its participants, for a week, the geographical and cultural distances are zero. Architects and designers from all over the world and messengers of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences are in fact living a week together to develop, collaborating with local people and organizations, public utility projects for the hosting site.
From the mixture of these ingredients, an inclusive and dynamic community is born, populating the hostel and the beach of San Cataldo, revitalizing the area, dealing with its issues.
This year the participants of the workshop will be invited to think about this theme, developing the visual identity of the festival starting from a visual element typical of a territorial identity: the flag

The workshop will be coordinated by Michele Pastore and Andrea Guccini

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The participation fee depends on what kind of accommodation you choose for your stay. Do you want to sleep in a hostel or in a tent? Download the rules document ↴ to see all the prices.
*we have provided the option “self-arranged accommodation package” (150€) for those participants who already have a place where to stay in Lecce or in the surrounding area


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