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Vai Oltre


The project stems from the need to provide a connection between the beach and the waterfront, divided by a gap in height and a low wall that hinders the visual and spatial continuity between the waterfront and the beach. The installation defines a new boundary and enhances it. In this sense, the installation performs not only the function of connecting but also gets to think about the importance of freedom of movement.

The establishment of the structure close to the wall creates a distinctive reference point visible along the waterfront; the stairway favors stops and aggregation offering new perspectives from which to admire the landscape as well as a platform for new functions such as shows and games for the youngest.
The installation is characterized by a passage that defines a main entrance to the beach, and the contrast between the narrow path and the exterior sides, dictated by different colors, has the function of creating an experience of welcome and direction; the axis of view is centred and reduced to the sea so to loosen once arrived at the beach allowing a different peripheral vision of the waterfront perspective.

IAHsummer19 - Vai Oltre
IAHsummer19 - Vai Oltre
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IAHsummer2019 - Vai Oltre

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