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Grid [] is a modern reinterpretation of historical lights ‘luminarie’, typical light installations of Apulian traditional feasts of the patron saint with visual references to the most important churches or symbols of the town. Grid [ ] is inspired by the landscape of San Cataldo, representing its lighthouse.

GRID_[] - IAHsummer19 - by Archistart Studio

From a design point of view, the structure was released from a two-dimensional drawing, interacting with space through the inclination of the support of the lights, and through the reflection of the upper panel.
During the day it allows people to see themselves while at night it turns into a uniformly illuminated surface that recalls the light cone of the lighthouse.

GRID_[] - IAHsummer19 - by Archistart Studio

The drawing is indeed an abstraction of the lighthouse itself, this stylization means that the individual elements can stand on their own through the decomposition of the modules. The structure can be divided into three horizontal bands consisting of three rectangular modules. If decomposed or turned the structure does not lose meaning and acquires a new one.

GRID_[] - IAHsummer19 - by Archistart Studio
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IAHsummer2019 - GRID[ ]

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