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The net


NET, as short for a network, is the prototype of an integrated actions’ system meant not only to reactivate San Cataldo but a more extensive area, thanks to its possible repeatability. In this way, the project aims to strengthen the relationship between Lecce marinas.
NET reflects itself also on-site as a connective tissue on multiple levels. It manages and redefines the space serving as a guiding system at the upper level and shapes all the functions descending to the ground. At the same time, the project is site-specific and adaptable to other contexts. It achieves flexibility deriving its form from the environment. Particularly, trees fill up space and where suddenly there is emptiness, the net spreads all around.

NET identifies a series of polarities, such as the specific functions represented by a family of simple objects equipping the space universally like pieces of a toolbox. These functions cover the site following the space subdivision in public (the entrance area with a visual connection to the sea), semi-public (a buffer area with the current hostel building) and private (the hostel backyard).

The project acts on the pre-existence implementing the usable surface without altering its volume. Initially, the building has a very high ceiling. As a result, the idea is to lower the ceiling and providing two floors. Among the considered options, prevailed the one with a brand-new café-restaurant on the ground floor allowing free use of the indoor-outdoor space, and the hostel rooms on the first floor in a more private environment.

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IAHsummer2019 – TEAM 8

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