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About Me
A strong designer must be able to execute his vision on every scale. My interest in every aspect of architecture, from planning studies of cities edges to the detailing of a wall made by concrete and wood, drives my approach. Thus, the first phase of my design process is intensive research. I spend hours at the site, taking notes, photographing and observing how it relates to the people within and around its area, the light, the colours and many other aspects. I have learned that a good project comes and develops from a continuous change of scale, with a vision that goes from the general to the detail, without forgetting the “human scale” factor. Human being as length of a step, like the eye’s visual cone, like the perception of the temperatures changes, like the light or the shades. The sensory aspect of architecture is not something that will be communicate by a nice rendering or a text, but is something that has to be experienced live, and then remember it and try to reproduce in our work. This is why I truly believe it is necessary sometimes to leave the computer, the studio and to experience as much as we can the spaces, colours, materials, neigbourhoods, cities and people, all components to be kept in mind when we approach an architectural project.I did choose Architectural studies because it is a multidisciplinary field where many aspects comes together and the Architect should be polyhedral as well.This way of thinking influenced also my personal life and brought me, despite my young age, to travel extensively through my homeland.