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Metropolitan Lima is a city of almost 10 million inhabitants in the process of constant expansion. In the 70s there was a migratory boom where entire populations abandoned their land of origin, due to lack of opportunities. The first generations settled on flat lands in the outskirts of Lima, forming the first “slums”; However, new generations in their homes. All this problematic is summarized in the precarious conditions, the information in the construction and the overcrowding of the inhabitants in each house.

In this context the hillsides are like a cloak that surrounds the city. Thinking about inhabiting the hillsides can still be synonymous with utopia because of the unfavorable conditions in which so many houses are found, many times vulnerable, since 70% was part of the self-construction. However, the hillsides, due to their geographical condition, have great potential for habitability that must be analyzed and reconfigured in order to be able to locate ourselves wisely in the territory. In addition, the study concluded on the need for a hybrid infrastructure with progressive and collective development that responds to the different types of existing homes, as well as to new social configurations that allow, along with commercial use and new labor dynamics, to confront urban segregation.

The recovery and integration of the ecological cordon with the urban habitat of the superblocks, inquire in the sensitization of the citizen, raising awareness through a productive and sustainable landscaping proposal, considering active recreation, with the purpose of generating safe and healthy lifestyles as a whole with residential, cultural and road infrastructure. that is why they were implemented "productive fringes" composed of bio-gardens, biofilters and fog catchers, the help of the population and the climatic characteristics of the self-sustaining area, without the need of great efforts for its maintenance. With these strips, we also look for the population to work in a community to help conserve the ecological cordon and identify with it so that the revitalization proposal works.

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