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About Me
I have always been a person with both a scientific approach and intense creativity, that I blend together in my greatest passion: Architecture. I am very passionate about design process, from the abstract idea up to defining all architectural and structural details. During the dual master degree course “Building Engineering-Architecture”, recognised EU-wide, I gained experience in both technological details and architectural concepts. In the full convincion that architecture plays a decisive role in people's lives and that there is no limit to self-improvement, I have pursued my career alternating between research and design activities. I achieved a II Level master's degree in 'Place for worship design', with a mention in the 9th Edition of European Prize of Sacred Architecture. I was a selected participant in the Climate KIC Journey by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. I obtained the title of Doctor Europeus in Architectural and Urban Design between Italy and Germany, with the thesis 'Designing Resilience. Trans-scalar architecture for marginal habitats of Marche Region'. I am a researcher within the Marche region Unit for the PRIN Branding4Resilience. I am used to teamwork since university and I seek to challenge myself and learn from others. That is one of the reasons that lead me to participate in several architecture competitions, winning an honourable mention in the Low-cost House Design Competition 2021, and to collaborate with different architecture offices. I am currently an associate engineer at the firm Mondaini Roscani Architetti Associati.