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ThePIERcampus is a campus university located in the town of Hunstanton on the Norflolk coast of England, specifically on The Wash bay.
The project arises from a combination of factors; from the new urbanistic growth plans for Hunstanton, which seek to improve the town’s relationship with the sea and offer residents greater services and opportunities; to the desire to recover a lost icon (the burnt-down pier) and to rejuvenate the town’s aged population.
ThePIERcampus explores the evolution of the concept behind the pier with an intention to create, build and enhance the connection between land, the urban environment and the sea.

In contrast with the level walkway that leads to the end of a traditional pier, the inclined floor structure of this project interconnects the different interior levels that consist of an open plan design. The access points to the interior are located along the walkway. As this walkway becomes a continuation of the street, the village is provided with a new, open and public space that gradually increases in altitude and offers a constant and privileged view of the pier's surroundings.

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