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TAILOR MADE HOME – Sewn to measure like a piece of clothing


All of us have been under lockdown, some for a few days, some for many months and this has brought changes to the habits of many people, upsets that we cannot control today and of which we cannot predict the economic, environmental and social impact that there will be. We do not know how the city, the home and the life of everyone will change.
We have learned and rediscovered values that have long been forgotten, maybe when everything goes back to “normal” we will take with us even a part of the emotions and feelings felt in this period, and we will learn that life can flow at a different rhythm than the frenetic and consumeristic one we were used to.

Our working and learning customs are changing, online tools are coming to our rescue, telematic meetings are becoming more and more frequent. This could mean less travel for meetings in the future, as well as greater accessibility to courses and conferences. Through our isolation within our homes, we are becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t in the design of houses. The house is no longer a temporary shelter where you enter only to sleep and take a shower, but it is a stable shelter, a place where you live and do not survive, so the buildings must be thought of so that they meet the needs of the individual. A free plan, with few constraints in the centre, made to measure for the users. The walls are equipped in such a way as to contain all the objects that can be used during the day. The double bedroom can become an office in a few minutes, the entrance is hidden in the wardrobe wall, the door is actually a mirror / TV that can rotate on itself, the kitchen can then become both a living room and an area where to practice sport or dance. The office can become both a room for a future child of the couple and a multifunctional room. The bathroom has been divided into two parts, one where there is only a toilet and sink and one where there is a bathtub that is illuminated by a mirror wall who owes this environment from the office / bedroom.

E-commerce is an important aspect that day after day influences our life, for this reason it has been taken into account and is a fundamental aspect in the design of both new buildings and the restoration of existing ones. In virtue of this, it is interesting to note the area at the entrance used as a 3d printer to create objects purchased online and as a container where couriers can place packages if users are not available. In addition, from the balcony there is a privileged access for drones because it is now known that even in this way deliveries will take place in the near future. "In front of our eyes, the paradigm of civilization that has formed us over the last two hundred years is dissolving like fog in the sun. New times are coming."

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TAILOR MADE HOME – Sewn to measure like a piece of clothing Board


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Giovanni Caci

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