Giovanni Caci
Undergraduate Student at Politecnico di Torino
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About Me
I’m a sunny person, predisposed to listen and to confront other people’s opinions and points of view. The will to increase my knowledge and learn methodologies and techniques for analyze the environments in which the human being lives and behaviors that resulted were the pivotal points that guided me in choosing to attend the Architecture course. I have always tried to adopt a critical approach when taking on projects, studying the history, art and the architecture of the various places; I believe that the natural and anthropic environment is fundamental to study and design interventions of any nature, wether they are design or research. We have only one planet on which we can live and we must learn to live respecting the environment around us, live and design by listening to the inputs that come to us from outside. Sustainability is not just technology, it is a way of life and design as an architect I believe I have a duty to design in such a way that we can carry out interventions that increase collective wellbeing and that are not an unnecessary consumption of resources of whatever nature they are.