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Small Cyclades


The design thesis “Small Cyclades” is focused on the Greek small island network that consists of Irakleia, Schinoussa, Koufonissia Donoussa and the uninhabited Keros. Following the research thesis analysis that was based on the island territory of Greece, this specific network was chosen because of its size, its landscape and of course due to the urban pressures that it faces. The five islands of the network are characterized by the difficulties of marine connections with the rest of the country. Despite their isolation, these small islands because of their proximity create a unique network in which islandness functions in a positive way.

The design proposal suggests 4 interventions of different scale and character. An infrastructure, a reuse of existing buildings in the centre of the urban tissue, an alternative touristic development and a landscape intervention. The type of the interventions is based on the unique conditions of its island. Environmental, infrastructural, urban and socio economic topics seek to be addressed through architectural involvements.

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