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Ritrovare la Bussola


The intervention grows itself on the site where once was the historical BussolaDomani, theatre of some of the most important concerts in Italy and in Europe. Pinewood, sand and sea, those the elements from whom it started to be planned with the aim of becoming the new landmark of Versilia and Tuscany seaside, to reborn as a phoenix and to bring back all the area to the glory of the past.

For decades the wonderful no man’s land between the outhfall of Motrone river and the northern side of Lido di Camaiore had his reputation as mediterrean capital for the american showbussiness (and not only), inbetween jazz, soul and pop, thanks to the enthusiasm of Sergio Bernardini and his unforgiven creatures: the cozy and vibrating music hall “La Bussola” (that in english can be translated as the compass), on the seaside of Focette’s beach, to wich follows the jazz space “il Bussolotto” and, from 1976 the huge circus styled tent “BussolaDomani”. The fame of this music temple is increasing everyday untill the sudden death of his father Bernardini, in 1993 cause of a car accident. After that the circus tent and everything with it lay on the promenade of Lido di Camaiore, like a beached whale that slowly rots. It is finally demolished in 2000 leaving behind him a huge sense of emptiness in the town and in those who lived his glorious past

The pinewood, the sea and the dunes. This are the main elements from whom it started the projectation of the main building of this thesis. Meant to became Versilia’s main landmark, with immediate recognizability, a futuristic body that at the same time perfectly merge with the elements around it.It is possible to immediately notice the dense pillars forest that sustain its steel and concrete structure. The continuos crossing of vertical elements wants to recreate the pinewood in the area, the most typical element you can find there. Other main element is the big stair, built by concrete aggregates and oxidants elements that give it a particular yellowish color with the aim of recalling the sand of the beach. The multiple steps to get into the building instead stands for the dunes that once use to be there, but that were characterizing the old seashore. At the same time the hill appear upside down with the goal of guiding the audience inside the building creating a focal point on the main entrances.

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