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Rising sea level, floating architecture


The sea level rises in the whole world. More and more costual areas are threatened by masses of water. As a result, people are forced to leave their habitat. Also salted groudwater will make it difficult to exist. In my opinion it is very important to find a solution for such scenarios and to enable humans´ life. Based on my project I would like to point out that the raising sea level is a current topic and everybody should think about it. I have chosen the Maledives, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with its´ capital city Male, which is in danger to be flooded in less than a hundred years. But this project can be adapted to all other Cities and places in the world that are in danger.

My Vision is to creat a Living area on the water for habitants, that is in grade to expand everey time it is necessary. I found my inspiration in a floatin waterlens lemna minor. Its a plant which is floating in groups and its expanding very rapidly. This floating plant can consist of one ore more leafs. It was also important for me that this city is flexible and not like a fixed city on the Land. The houses should be in movemend all the time and they should have the possibility to move from A to B so that the habitants can decide where they want to live. The Habitants and the houses should create new connstellations every day. And this is how I thougt the city could look like: There is a modular system consisting of 6 Basic elements to form Units. These elements are between 5 and 60 meters long. This random living space can be arranged around a central platform. The habitants can arrange the different individuals on their own. Due to water current and the desicions of the habitants there may arise diffrent connections between different units. A basic unit consists of a central platform on which basic elements can dock. The living space is supplied by this platform. They can get energy and water from there. The sewage is pumped into a tank which is situated in the middle. The Basic elements also have their own solar panels and water tanks to supply the residents. Supply boats fill the platform with water and eliminate sewage and waste.

The floating city has also a water desalination plant for the major water consumption. Every platform should have a seperate rainwater tank, additionally every Island should have water resources in the basement, for possible emergencies. For the everyday use of drinking water, Shops-which are supplied by ships and aircraft, are available.To produce energy on every roof there are fixed some solar modules. The color can be blue, green or red. Another possibility would be energy produced by the power of wind. Waste management: Connection to States in the near. One possibility would be to transport the garbage to Land in the near and process the waste there. The other ecological and useful way would be to create new green areas with some ot the plastic bottles. So the inhabitants have the possibility to use their own waste and to create new jobs. The islands can be opend up by footpaths between connected individuals. Another possibility to get from one point to the other is private and public boat connection.Because of the ocean current units are in constant motion. Some can be anchored to the ground, so, certain compounds can be maintained. Each boat gets its own number: LM 01 to LM 2000 which are registered in a special APP. The location of each function and boat can be read off. If they open the details of a boat they can see which connections are available and at which time. Because of that people eliminate difficulties and are able to organize them selves much easier.

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Rising sea level, floating architecture Board


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Astrid Hasler

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