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Réinventer la Darse de Rouvray


From 2014, when Anne Hidalgo became major of Paris, the city has begun a process of transformation concerning its urban structure and its relationship with the Seine. In this context, Parisian administration decided to start a competition about the renovation of the Halle de Rouvray, a former metallic atelier, located just on the west side of the most known Parc de la Villette, that saved this part for its administration offices. Due to their state of degradation, the project could not ignore them in order to requalify the whole area. Both social and urban researches lead to the choice of an intergenerational housing, that takes the main role in a larger mixed-use system, able to make people take back this unused but singular dock.

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Réinventer la Darse de Rouvray Board
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Chiara Rinaldoni

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