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Just do it


Just do it is a proposition of a small apartment that manage living and working life. Flexibility and productivity were the main goals for this project. Depending on the scenario, you can easily enjoy your home or remodel it depending on the needs. Working from home will be an important issue about the way we will work in the future. It is now important, more than ever, to think about interior architecture and how our home can adapt to several activities. This apartment can be adapted for one or two workers, at the same time, in the same apartment. If not needed, the apartment can be transformed into an open living space that can accommodate the couple with friends.

You can transform the living room into a quiet work space. With sliding panels, you can frame the office space and add more working space. Located next to the window, the works space is naturally lit almost all year long.

If you are alone in the apartment, you can work in a open space area. The desk can be adjusted to several heights for a great positioning and varying postures. You can sit, stand and work mid-height. That way, you increase productivity and comfort for working.

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