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InHabit _ Public space in Kotzia Square, Athens


Athens consists of three layers,Past, Present and Future, that function as autonomous units, creating boarders within the city and disrupting the inhabitation of public spaces. A new model for the inhabitation of public space, where the three layers are intersected, is proposed. This approach is applied on a case–study, Kotzia square, where Past, Present and Digital form the central unit of the square. Access is created to the archaeological site, while the main concentration of public life is located in the unit of Present. Future–Digital descends to the ground with the creation of a pavilion, combining digital and corporeal experience through the application “InHabit” and the introduction of virtual reality.

The internet pavilion is a two - storey structure, made of thermochromic glass and metal. The walls function as screens and project the square's activity, posted by users of the application. The pavilion is solid on Athinas street, protecting the square from the boundary the street creates, and deconstructs in the core of public space, allowing the movements to penetrate it. The application enables users of the public space to post their interests on the pavilion's walls and the application's news feed. The interaction with possible interlocutors happens when the user reveals their location. The combination of digital and corporeal experience is enhanced on the roof of the pavilion, where virtual reality glasses revive the historical surrounding.

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InHabit _ Public space in Kotzia Square, Athens Board
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Marianna Dionysopoulou - Marianna Karalioliou

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