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Hibryd Building Los Pozos


Each city needs a nucleus or urban center that fulfills the function of supplying the area and of uniting with the network of urban centers of the city. In order for these nuclei to function in a better way, they must be located in strategic places and linked to the area as if they were indispensable to improve the quality of life of citizens.
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a growing city, a multiethnic and multicultural city that has its dynamic economy and which, like the city, is growing rapidly. This accelerated growth has caused lack of control in urban planning and therefore the city presents; areas where people live in overcrowding, however, there are other areas with very low population density and lack of basic services.

DANGEROUS THIEVES ZONE!!! In the center of the city there are many problems affecting emblematic points of the city. An urban renewal of the sector is considered necessary. The current problem of the historical center of Santa Cruz must be placed in the search of new equilibriums that, being respectful with the urban, cultural, social and functional values of the city of the past, giving answers to the problems and needs of our time. The center of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra wears away due to the use and carelessness of the citizens who come to him in search of services that they can not easily find in their area. This wear can be alleviated by creating cores at strategic points in the city. These centers can be hybrid buildings that are not foreign to the place, on the contrary, they take up the concept of neighborhood and revitalize the area.

URBAN ACUPUNTURE By means of the urban acupuncture method, a saturated zone of Santa Cruz is intervened giving a new focus on urban design. Pirate Airplane area and Los Pozos area. Intervene the urban plot by inserting activities in a point, providing and redirecting flows. Maximize impact with the least possible effort. The main problem to attack with this study is the regeneration of urban voids, segregated spaces, where gentrification separates the different 'social classes', leaving spaces for delinquency and social abandonment. The area of the pirate plane and the entrance to the Los Pozos market, have a special feature, since this area (quadrant II within the first ring) is almost entirely occupied by the market, preventing pedestrian and vehicular traffic from crossing the area. comfortably and safely so it becomes an edge for the city and causes urban gaps that eventually degrade and are taken by people in a street situation, where crime proliferates and informal activities such as bars and even bars until prostitution.

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