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In 2014, the biggest confiscation in northern Italy: 115 assets were confiscated to the Canfarotta family, mostly in the Maddalena district in the old town of Genoa. Legislation plans for a social reuse of these spaces.
This open urbanism project aims to create a network of active citizens, promoters and project managers that could work with the Municipality. The purpose is to realize projects intended to the requalification of the Maddalena area starting from the reuse of the confiscated spaces.
The process of requalification pass through a temporary use of these spaces in order to increase awareness of the entire city about the social potential of the area; this first step could lead to a complete management of Genoa’s urban commons

Maddalena is one of the most delicate and shrinking areas of the old town, but with a big human capital thanks to the many associations operating for its community. In this area we also find a great number of historical palaces and artistic heritage. A campaign to increase awareness about the confiscation is needed, confiscated asset could be at the heart of a common commitment to change Maddalena's crises. After a phase of knowledge about confiscated asset a new step is required, we have to consider this spaces as a common resource for the city, as urban commons. This research project stems from real cases and study projects of urban recycle, open platforms, and urban commons management: our goal here is to apply cutting-edge knowledge to a case deeply-rooted into a real urban emergency.

GOA CARES was realized in collaboration with a local association “Cantiere per la Legalità Responsabile” and gave already birth to civic and artistis projects in the old town of Genoa.

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