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EMERGENZE/INTERFERENZE Alternative spatial occasions for the urban agenda


The work investigates the latent urban possibilities hidden within the gridded city. Taking the case of Turin as representative of such a condition, the research articulates itself in two volumes: the first introduces the emergences as the ideal entities for theoretical speculation. The second investigates the contemporary urban grid landscape to construct an atlas of latent spatial possibilities, hidden occasions that – stimulated through the project – can reveal a multitude of alternative urban scenarios for the city: the interferences.

From the smallest fragment of a block, to big voids interrupting the city pattern, these spaces hide unexpressed urban possibilities due to their specific condition, yet they usually remain unquestioned because of their exceptionality with regards to the ‘urban norm’, i.e. the grid. Instead of restoring “normality”, the work observes and reveals the conditions that can emerge from this critical point of view. Of these twenty-four interferences, three were chosen as representative of the whole, respectively showing three different degrees of discontinuity with regards to Turin: interferences at the scale of the block, the street, and the city itself. The following projects aim to act as catalysts and critical stimulators of the inner possibilities of such interferences.

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