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Bamboo Re-Live



A Manual for an
Earthquake-resistant House

In 2016, Ecuador suffered one of the most catastrophic events recorded in the country; a category 7.8 earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador and destroyed almost all the structures built in the region. In response to the social emergency created as a result of the destruction of most of the buildings. This project proposes to research and creates a sustainable and modular structure, with the aim of improving seismic resiling of the communities affected by the earthquake.

The guide is intended to be easy to understand and, a highly practical manual for the construction of a habitable structure. Additionally will serve to expedite the recovery processes of displaced families minimizing the government's dependence on their recovery process, and building a habitable home in a safe, efficient, durable and environmentally friendly way.

By the massive amount of natural disasters and economic problems that the coast of Ecuador faces, it is necessary to find a solution to solve some issues that are causing the displacement of people and the harmful use of resources in the country. The current alternative for the popular house and low-income communities is to use concrete as the primary material, but it is proven that concrete is not the solution anymore. Based on the research, has been confirmed that concrete is neither an economic or sustainable solution for the issues. Therefore, I propose the use of bamboo as the new solution to the problem. Because of its structural properties, inherent characteristic to the region, sustainable qualities for the environment and the fact that it is very accessible and abundant in the area, the use of bamboo can create a sense of community and patriotism among its inhabitants.

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