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About Me
My name is Sebastian Fuentes. I recently graduated from my master's degree in architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design. I completed my undergraduate studies at Nova Southeastern University & SCAD, where I graduated with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and a B.F.A in architecture and a minor in Furniture Design. My dream of being an architect stems from my curiosity too and desire to change the world. The field of architecture captivates my interests through its inherent challenges. I am fascinated by the application of age-old engineering principles while pushing the envelope with intricate designs to bring about novel interpretations of forms. Additionally, I find it encouraging that architects are invited to evolve designs continually to meet societal needs. My dream is to take part in the ongoing architectural revolution to create spaces that evoke and form essential connections between an occupant and the area they inhabit. Thus, I ultimately aim to experience and create experiential, elegant, engaging, and meaningful spaces in any context. I have a real passion for design: I apply the same effort in creating, testing, experimenting, and presenting any project, regardless of the material involved. My constant practice of reading and my innate curiosity continuously lead me to seek new challenges. When I was younger, sports played a significant role in my life, and I never strayed far from my two greatest passions: soccer and surfing. No matter the size of the wave or the length of the pitch, I always give my all, and more, in everything I do. Thank You!