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Just a few kilometers from the bell tower of San Marco in Venice, you will find an island of rare charm and authentic splendor: Poveglia. After a long process of degradation, today the island looks like an enchanted and melancholic place, flooded by dense vegetation.

The challenge of competition is the recovery and transformation of the island into a new cultural epicenter. Embracing the theme of the green city, the project proposes a system that allows you to intervene in a historical context with respect to the existing one.

The design of the new university campus is based on a single line that crosses the entire site and connects the two major islands. This line assumes a thickness and is shaped like an inhabited wall, beyond which the wild nature of the island persists. The site has been designed with a single system consisting of metal portals that creep into the green, without deleting it but accommodating them inside. This wall is not casual, but derives from a study on the architecture of the city of Venice, consisting of linear structures alongside, with an interposed distribution element. The choice of the hut cover is also rewritten in a contemporary key, in order to confront the historical architecture on the island, thus defining a uniform skyline.

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