Self-construction workshop

The IAHsummer19 festival, in line with the previous editions, launches a self-construction workshop for the regeneration of San Cataldo’s waterfront, in Lecce. The installations will be built in the area in front of Ostello del Sole to experiment an alternative use of the promenade.

In this way, the promenade, with ECOstation installation (realized during IAHsummer2018), will be animated by interventions that favour the social aggregation, cultural activities, and better accessibility to the beach. In addition to functionalizing and activating the coastal public spaces, the goal is to generate a new visual identity of the urban waterfronts.

San Cataldo promenade

In 2019 edition will come realized 3 installations designed for three symbolic places of the urban waterfront:

The beach

The installation, inspired by the theme of ONDEsea realized during IAHsummer2018, aims to respond to a functional need for the connection between the waterfront and the beach, with an intervention characterized by architectural and landscape quality, so it can be a distinctive and identifying element for the area of reference. The project will be designed by the winners of the SCC2019 contest.

self-construction competition 1st place

VAI OLTRE, winning project of SCC2019 competition by Julian Sillem

The beach project will be coordinated by the contest winners and a member of the Archistart team

The pier

Last year we enhanced San Cataldo pier with a light installation, realized during the Effimero laboratory.
This year the installation for the pier area means to investigate its relationship with the water and the sea, and the use of the pier as a natural extension of the public spaces of the waterfront.

Effimero lab – a contemporary ‘luminaria’ during IAHsummer2018 workshop
LUMIA by GRRIZ - IAHsummer2019
LUMIA by GRRIZ - IAHsummer2019
The pier project by GRRIZ

The pier project will be designed and coordinated by Grriz


Grriz is a young architectural, art and design studio with offices in Bologna and Paris, led by Luigi Greco and Mattia Paco Rizzi. Their approach to architecture and interventions in public space is always supported by in-depth theoretical research, the use of sustainable construction techniques, and the inextricable relationship between the community and its resources.

Luigi Greco
Mattia Paco Rizzi
Origagri by Grriz is a pavilion to host the activities of the Agoragri association in a public urban park in Matera, South Italy, with a synergic vegetable garden, a straw theater, family gardens. The design of the pavilion is based on the origami technique, optimizing constructional phases and assembling on only human strength.

The waterfront

This research and experimentation laboratory will aim to activate urban regeneration practices through a virtuous use of light. The lab will investigate the use of light as a means of activation and enhancement of public spaces. The developed project will have to dialogue with space, the community and the events that will take place on the seafront.

Lumen social light - Materia 2019
installation references

The design of the waterfront will be designed and coordinated by Archistart, considering the experience of a team member, who recently has been the project manager of Lumen Social Light for Matera 2019