Stavros Zotos
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About Me
Born in 1996, in 2014 he registered at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece as an Architectural Engineer student. He having successfully delivered different kinds of projects always combining creative approach with practical thinking. With a holistic approach view in all projects gained through extended collaboration with professionals of other disciplines. He apprehends architecture as a mean of expression in search of forms and spaces for a better life style. He is currently working as a Junior Architect at A&M Architects, one of the leading architecture firms in Greece. He collaborated also with Sparch Architects and 314 Architecture Studio as an architectural intern at the department of Design. He is focused on the relationships between architectural design and public space as well as architectural scale regeneration through design. He was awarded in various International Competitions and he is an active cluster member at NGOs like Paksis and Open House Athens. Except for his interest to living abroad, he is planning for a Master in Integrated Sustainable Facade Systems in ETH Zurich.