Matteo Di Crescenzo
Engineer at CCDSudio - CanvasCGA
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About Me
Ever fascinated by the world of engineering, technology and construction techniques, I try to increase my training on a daily basis and in conjunction with my great passion for architecture. Graduated in building engineering and architecture at the University of Aquila with a score of 110/110 cum laude and mention of academic merit research, with a thesis on the landscape and architectural upgrading of the industrial core of S. Nicolò a Tordino in Teramo (IT), I have always cultivated interest in computer graphics and 3D modeling, as well as deepening themes such as energy sustainability and the integration of different technological systems in the design and development of building structures of new construction and in works of retraining and recovery of historic building. Since September 2016 I have been an ART (Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer) in the CANVAS cga graphic training and consultancy team, which are still active today.