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Working from Home Competition: Hidden Dimension


New needs require new habits and newly designed spaces.
When the slogan “take your work home” becomes your everyday reality, you risk never to “leave” work as it may constantly remain in front of your eyes. The separation between home and office bleands and disappears.

The project proposes an innovative solution to take your work home and keep it in the office at the same time. By focusing on the experience of the individual, the worker is put at the center of the living solution, integrating the working environment in a cozy, elegant and likewise practical and functional design, which offers you a way to forget about work and enjoy your domestic experience.

A sliding panel (or a sliding "wall" given its dimensions - 220 x 250 cm) allows you to separate the working and the living environment according to your needs. Sliding on a track, the panel hides the living environment (e.g. your television) when you are at work, and reversely hides the smartworking area when you are enjoying your living dimension. Two working stations fit in the smartworking area to allow Roberto and Giulia both to alternate and to work side by side: the pull-out desk, the chairs, the lamps, the documents, all is hidden behind the panel when you un-hide the tv area.

The individual as an experiencing subject is the main focus not just for the design of the smartworking area but for the layout of the project as a whole. The theme that reunites the different spaces under a common sensorial experience is the color BLUE. Two tones of blue, lighter for the working area - to facilitate concentration - and darker to highlight the functional spaces of the other rooms, build the leitmotiv of the living solution, rethinking the entire subset of the spaces in a unified framework.

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Working from Home Competition: Hidden Dimension Board
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Jessica Damiani

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