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WELLNESSVILLE: A New Paradigm For Wellness Development in Salford, UK


Urbanization has profoundly affected the environment and climate all over the world and has intensified our living standards, social behavior and health. As the demand for living within the city grows, so does our need for more housing.This results in the need for cities to expand beyond their existing footprints and this requires the development of new neighborhoods on the outskirts of the cities that was once natural landscape. At the same time, the negative impacts of this development on the human lifestyle and natural environments should be taken into consideration.

The primary aim of this thesis was to idealize a neighborhood that is distinctively urban in terms of housing stability, healthy and green environments and social well being. For this purpose, multi-disciplinary studies in urban infrastructures, economy and social interactions have been done to contextualize this neighborhood model in a current greenfield site on the outskirts of Manchester, UK.At this level of development, the model offers a highly affordable housing units with respect to nature and human needs. Human well being, social interactions and tourism development are other key factors that have been highly emphasized throughout the Macro level of this project.

Following the idea of a healthy, social and touristic community, the second phase of the project focuses on the concept of wellness complex in micro level. The complex investigates the correlation between hospitality, human health and social well being. For this stage of development, the complex offers a wellness hotel, a healing center and a community hub for both residents of new neighborhood and future wellness travelers who seek a calm and peaceful holiday. The architectural design of complex is further supported with optimized energy simulations, structural verification and service decisions that ensure the highest building performance. As a result of our twin challenges in Macro and Micro levels, the new neighborhood and Wellness Complex share a new paradigm to future developments particularly in Greater Manchester and other similar contexts around the world. Keywords: Sustainable neighborhood, Wellness Complex, Human well being, Housing, Social well being

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