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W.F.H Home-20


The relationship between work and life tends to be increasingly reciprocal in our reality. As one of the younger generation, we find ourselves working overtime at home a lot of the times when couches or dinner table are sometimes our office during weekends. On the other hand, while we are at the office, we aspire to a healthier working environment, with comfortable furniture, kitchens, and small commons in our offices.

Therefore, in the light of the COVID-19 circumstances, we are imagining an alternative reality, where working from home is the only option. As designers, we are to combine home and an office, and to propose an environment that supports a binary occupation of working and living. This designed space shall accommodate one’s well-being, as well as being equipped with a productive work setting. We started by analyzing the identities of Roberto and Giulia and the nature of their job. Based on that, we designed independent offices for both of them and make their workspaces as anchor points of our interior layout. A semi-open common area defined by a series of louvers stitches two distinctive working space together, to forge a space that satisfies all living and social needs. Service areas are adjacent to the working spaces accordingly.

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