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For Roberto and Giuglia, who decided to work from their home after the outbreak, Vivid-19 brings them the daily activities from which they were isolated. However this means that their workspace will also be the space where they live. In order to maintain their work-life balance, the layout of their home at working hours provides the private and flexible spaces while they work simultaneously. When they finish working, the plan layout for daily life hides the work spaces completely and reveals the spaces that meet their social needs. On the other hand, due to the new hygiene habits they have developed due to the pandemic, the entry area works as a buffer zone between outdoor and indoor areas.

The work spaces of Roberto and Giulia are designed by providing the same level of comfort of their former workplace. Roberto's workstation has been situated in a more quiet and private place of the house to accommodate the needs of a consultant. The bedroom turns into his workstation thanks to the rotating working cabinet and the Murphy bed which also provides a clean background for the video conferences. For a designer, it is very important to have flexible, illuminated and organized workspace. For this reason, Giulia's workspace has been designed to meet these needs.Her workstation and the idea board reveals themselves when Roberto’s workstation rotates towards the bedroom. The sliding table expands and gives her a large space to work.

Staying in quarantine significantly affects physical and psychological health of inhabitants. Vivid-19 brings the social activities to their home that Roberto and Giulia miss during the pandemic which gives them the opportunity to continue to do exercise, go to cinema, even going out for a drink by simulating these environments in their own home.

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Eda Kale

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