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unobtrusive object

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The unobtrusive object is an intervention in the lake which features a rectangular volume which creates a sense of mystery from the road/entryway and contrasting sense of openness for the occupant.

Visitors are initially greeted by a solid unpenetrated copper facade accessed via a footbridge. Copper was chosen due to it's patination over time which will make it blend in to it's surroundings. Timber is used throughout as a finish and for furniture. In stark contrast to the entry facade the lake side is fully glazed, supported by a skeletal frame which envelops the building. This provides unobstructed views across the lake for the occupant. The glazing incorporates transparent photovoltaic cells. The bath has been recessed into the bathroom floor with a full height window at the end designed to blur the boundary between inside and outside. There is a complimentary relaxation space in the garden to the rear.

The Board:
unobtrusive object Board


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Jimmy Bolger

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