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TSUBONIWA -taking in nature into our everyday- Nature-


As the lock down began, we no longer have the freedom to step out of our homes without consiquences. We are isolated and contained within our apartments. This experience has made me realise that our homes, the typical residential unit is often closed off from our surroundings, designed without the flexibility to respond to changes of the external environment.
By conforming the boundary between our living space and the outside world, we can take in elements of nature into our lives. The touch of a gentle breeze, the warmth of morning rays, the scent of falling autumn leaves…etc. We can begin to experience the joy brought by the constant subtle changes in nature, from the comfort of our own homes.

This proposal suggests a design which connects the interior with the exterior, creating an ambiguous space that is able to take in changes of nature from the external environment. This house provides people with an experience of an ever-changing space, as the various spaces within it are connected by the wind, light and sound they share. The living room serves as a mediator between the house and its surroundings, while taking the role to incorporate and pass on elements of change from the outside environment. To start, a living room that connects to the outside environment is introduced. Then, other functional spaces are inserted surrounding the living room. Finally, openings are created between the two. Through the process of design, I propose a house that is ambiguously connected to its surroundings by bringing in daily subtle changes of nature into its interior.

The living room being the core of the house, is shaped by a gently curving wall. The functional areas are tied to the living space by openings, inserted at varying heights based on the specific activity. By tying the spaces into one, air is allowed to flow smoothly throughout the home. By separating the workplace from the bedroom, a distinction between working and living is created, ultimately establishing a rhythm to our daily routines even in lock down. No matter where you are in the home, you will be able to feel the light, wind, and sound coming in through the living room. Even in lockdown, the constant faint changes in the environment will tell us that the world is still in motion. Depending on the light and wind coming through, you can pick a spot most comfortable for you. You can choose to work in the dining room, or sleep on the sofa in the living room while gazing at the stars and moon. Sharing the room with your partner, you will be able to feel his/her presence while being in your own space, and adjust your level of privacy by moving around in this gently partitioned home. You can fine-tune your daily life with the subtle changes of nature coming from the outside, by adapting your level of exposure to the exterior.

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TSUBONIWA -taking in nature into our everyday- Nature- Board


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