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The trend of combination of offices and its reflection of creativity


In many new companies, the offices are showing a trend of combination. The boundary of opening and privacy is broken. Blurred space can cause the re-organization of human relationship and reflection of consciousness. This, together with the fleeing of insecurity brought up by flowing space may lead to the pursuit of creativity, and to the respective of imagination, this pursuit of creativity reflects a trend of homelization of offices.

Traditional offices are categorized as open space and private space. With different characters, the meanings also differ. Therefore they have different effects on people.
The internal organization of circulation of open space can bring the sharp separation of time, and lead to the creation of materialistic imagination and formal imagination through reflection of consciousness. In private space, the subjective power fill the whole space, thus creating the feeling of seriousness to bring out freedom imagination.
In modern offices, the accurate boundary is no longer available and focused. Modern people hope to work without limitation of time and space, and this absence of limitation is shown on the change of work style and the change of office space as well: offices are turning into a trend of blurring and being vague. For several people. Working from distance is an escape from the limit, but for most of the people. They can never avoid the offices with dream and feeling of the middle class. Reformed offices always hang in a vague state between openness and closeness, and the organization of the space is also characterized by flowing.

2) interpretation of blurred offices
Blurred space re-organize the human relationship and organization of corporation. The re-construction of human relationship can change the reflection of consciousness, therefore to lead to the pursuit of creativity.
Being vague, to some extent is not combine two spaces completely, but it is actually eliminate the boundary and build connection between two spaces. This process can blur the boundary of work and life, the space of offices, and the space of our city.
When reflection of consciousness can no longer create absolute imagination of freedom and imagination of form, all the concepts of respect, power and control collapse. During this process, the real thing becoming vague is the behavior of subjects in the space, and this causes the de-construction and re-construction of human relationship.
During the construction, there is temporary beings of freedom during the separation of time. However, the formation of this behavior totally depend on the interaction of body and environment, and the change of environment is hereby the separation of space.
These beings of freedom is actually a pursuit of creativity. Truth comes from errors, and creativity causes the increase of errors rather than appearance of truth. Building new thins by denying the traditions, denial also reflect on the pursuit of creativity.

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