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The Muse : A Place to Ruminate


Muse: An Imaginary Force that gives you ideas and helps you to create something
Ruminate: To think slowly and carefully

The most beautiful thing in this world for us is “Experience”. Our planet is just a small stage set in this vast ocean of the cosmos.This thesis talks about the perceptions of human mind on a tiny space on our planet. We are traveller’s on this blue dot ,this mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam as quoted by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan. Each one of us with different mindsets, ideas and philosophies floating through the rhythms of our own little surroundings

ARCHITECTURE , SPACE AND EMOTIONS • Circulation – Implied and Actual circulation that creates the visual and physical ascension • An Imagination of Scale – Due to degree of tilt in earth’s axis it creates seasons and the life we see around. Capturing these moments of drama in a frame. • Light – The Presence and Absence of it . Factors like Evanascence, Atomization ,Canalization, Atmospheric Silence ,Luminescence. • Water – The Blood of our planet. This natural protagonist plays the game behind the existence of this drama. • Colour –Our planet is a strange rock which is filled with variety of colours , dressing to impress. White is the colour which symbolizes purity or may be nothingness. • Material – The Building Blocks of Architecture. Using natural and locally available materials like stone and earth. • Sound – The play of waves , the echoes , the reverberations , Capturing a show of light and sound.

THE DESIGN The Concept of Yin and Yang , Running along the veins of dragons and tigers in the breath of the site. . The contours that shape the way for the journey that every traveller has to to embark. There are different starting points created for the traveller's , where they have to choose from which point it ignites their mind to take the journey. The Experience Zones are created following the lines of the contour , without disturbing the serenity and vegetation of the place. The site is actually three parcels of land which are connected through skywalks ; bridges designed with tension cables connecting the high trees in the site. Each part of land is used for a specific purpose , according to the story that part of the land revealed. Muse Pods ,these are elemental architectural structures that stands out to capture the best parts of the site, in order to create a drama with the life around. A mix of contemporary and traditional styles of architecture enhances the experience,creating different and diverse perspectives .The three zones : Musuem/Art Gallery Zone ,Experience Zone and Park Zone tells the story of this piece of land. An approach to understand and build a space which houses human thoughts and its architectural expression, where the traveller's embark on a journey to the mind and relate with the architectural spaces. The architectural project is only concerned with the experience of spaces , finding a balance between Man , Nature and Built.

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Jayakrishnan Ranjit

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