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The Architecture is a very hard discipline but tremendously fascinating and the architect’s responsibilities are many.
Our thesis begins with a specific request: to think of an evocative space dedicated to the tree.
We have therefore proposed an architecture that is the mirror of our interiority, as individuals of a society. An architecture sensitive and attentive to natural elements, which pursued universal ideals. A serious architecture, moderate in its relationship with the landscape and offering man, the refreshment and the rediscovery of his own being, through the contemplation of the tree.

THE SHAPES'S PROBLEM The purpose of the model it does not lie so much in showing the final form of a project, but rather to possess the effective vision of an initial idea of the same. It becomes essential then uses the power of images showing their "material" side and only one point we notice their extraordinary capacity for fascination. The problem of forms arising from the enslavement of the real and from the will to re-establish the ideals of our society, lost because of the technical and scientific knowledge that can not say anything about the aesthetic issues. To each Euclidean elements we associate a precise task: firmitas, utilitas, venustas. BALANCED REPORT Observing a model means "looking together with the thing" and establishing balanced relationships between the parties. The abstract three-dimensionality of thought can not do without the heavy three-dimensionality of form: the model (in our case in plaster). In this way the use of the model technique allows to respect the unit with the aesthetic plane, also in the constructive method. Positive matrices, which contain the (full) elements in themselves, are composed in seven ways and force us to choose only one of them (the architect must know how to choose). However, this is not an arbitrary process, but rather modalities typical of the appropriation of the landscape (the space of the project).

EPILOGUE Idea, light and gravity, well calibrated as fundamental elements for an evocative architecture dedicated to the tree. Euclidean geometric shapes (square, circle and triangle) that contribute to the understanding of architecture. The emptiness built in response to the great crisis of the ideals of society. The tree and the universal elements that fertilize it, as a connecting link to restore graces and modesty. Let's imagine a man with his eyes stretched towards the sky that admires and contemplates the world. Now let's imagine that same man in our temple. A real temple of the void, a reflection of our interiority that has investigated the first principles in architecture.

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