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Sustainable architecture as a cultural project


Our intention is to design a place where people of deffirente ages and cultures can constantly interact with each other and share their ideas , knowledge and experiances .Located in the eastern of Algeria , Biskra is the land in the borders of the sahara desert is a picturesque oasis that breaks the endless horizon of sand with it’s beautiful buildings and massive date palm plantations , here we propose a new building typology that incorporates climatic conditions with modern materials and techniques .

we aim to create new perspectives to the cultural center by making different lighting design (scenarios ) . This project defines the lighting design as a discipline that aims to improve the quality of interior and exterior space . In this sense, we focus to evoke people positive emotions.

The building reflects the fluidity of vernacular algerian architecture. The theater interior pattern runs from the flooring to the walls.So we wanted to that in a contemporary way.

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Sustainable architecture as a cultural project Board


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