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SOULExperience Afloat in Seattle


During the last ice age, Seattle was covered in a large sheet of glacier called the Cordilleran Ice Sheet that was about five times the height of the iconic Space Needle. As it melted Lake Washington was formed along with the rest of the city. Seattle has it’s own history of floating homes as they were homes for workers of logging camps that would follow logs that floated down rivers. The idea behind our floating room comes from the history of Seattle.

The glacier that covered Seattle was about the height of five Space Needles. As the glacier melted, it formed what is now known as Seattle as well as Lake Washington.

As the bed is suspended above on the ceiling, the sofa, tables, and ottomans are raised to floor level. As the bed is lowered to the floor, the sofa, tables and ottomans are foldable and stored beneath the floors. The floating room is formed like an ice cube floating on Lake Washington having wood panels that open up like wings allowing outdoor deck space for guests to walk out and enjoy the water, a similar experience to the loggers of Seattle.


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