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Human presence with his daily activities modifies and adapts the frame to his needs by sliding panels on tracks. The metal structure divides space into four main quadrants: services, kitchen, bedroom, and studio.
Movement closes and creates intimacy and movement opens and connects spaces and relationships.
The sliding windows above the metal structure allows air to circulate and permits natural light to pass through any configuration. This system solves single exposure of the apartment.
The project tries to respect the role of architecture: man inhabits and the environment welcomes him.

Our project aims to discard the rigid and static internal distribution of the initial point, now unsuitable to accommodate the contemporary society, characterized by rapid and continuous changes. Today, more than before, the workplace is no longer a fixed and defined environment but it’s interconnected to the private and domestic sphere and it has modified its structure. The day is no longer marked by precise schedules and daily activities need changing places able to adapt to different needs. Starting from these concepts, we decided to empty the structure internally, removing the partitions and internal openings, thus creating a single large environment. It is therefore the daily activities that design and modulate the spaces according to the needs, through the sliding of panels on tracks.

Everything is transformed: the bedroom takes shape when the bed is extracted from the platform above, it can become a living room when the platform hides the bed. The sliding of the panels connects the “living-bedroom” to the kitchen environment. The kitchen thus ceases to be just the right place for food preparation and becomes an integral part of a larger space that can include the studio when needed.

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