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Slide Apart(ment)


Spurred by increasing population and urbanization, exploding rents made housing hardly affordable to the normal citizen. Suddenly, with the spread of the Coronavirus our way of living drastically changed. All our daily encounters and routines got confined, some of us even got locked up in their tiny apartments. No coffee shop in the morning, no social contacts besides web conferences, no urban living room beside the very own home. Even when this global crisis is overcome, the way we live and collaborate will have changed and we will be more surrounded by one´s own four walls. New thoughts on housing should be developed considering how we want to work tomorrow and the day after.

Slide Apart(ment) - An adjustable, playful & diverse hideout. The overarching idea when designing this apartment was to approach two pressing issues well-balanced: The trend of working from distance by offering a comfortable and organized work station but also addresses our urgent need of gaining more living space (although space is rare and expensive in urban settings). The given 58 sqm apartment space is efficiently used through Sliding-Living-Modules that are based on the principle of archive cabinets. They can be opened up or stowed away, to hide quickly your morning chaos or to get out of sight from your work station. This sliding principle enables maximum living comfort, at the same time minimum effort to adjust the spatial layout. It offers an unique way to adapt your home to the habits suiting multiple needs.

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Slide Apart(ment) Board
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Scherbarth Prokopczuk

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