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SITE MAUSOLEUM | Memory room


The Jaspe Quarry is a remarkable place within a powerful natural scenery where the remains of an old quarry carved into the landscape, together with the massive cliffs that drop dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean, are notable features within this setting.

The desactivated quarries display the natural beauty of the ‘Arrábida Brecha’, a unique ornamental stone used in several monuments within this region (also known as “Arrábida Marble”). The Jaspe Quarry was closed in 1976 when the Arrábida Natural Park was created.

MEMORY ROOM In the Arrabida Natural Park there is a place where you can dig into your own memory, estranging oneself from the surrounding landscape. Finding it is not easy. A steep and hidden path accompanies us to the entrance, balcony on the sea. A long and dark passage removed from the rock inextricably links the sea to memory. Finally the light! A grazing light that strips the old quarry now deseated. We are in an open-air room, the only sound is the noise of the sea. Memories resurface...


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