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shapes of space – theories about the contourless space


This thesis deals with „Erdställe“ (man made holes) and their significance for contemporary architecture. The term „Erdstall“ derives from the Old High German and describes „a place in the earth“. „Erdställe“ are approx. 800 – 1200 years old and were created by humans. The function of these underground spaces is still largely unexplained.

The following draft, at the location of the historic „Reitlinger Erdstall“ in „Wartberg ob der Aist“ (Upper Austria), shows the conceptual design of a relevance center – a museum for the topic „Erdställe“.

The museum design is conceived on the basis of these spatial forms and a program with necessary functions which ensure the usability of the relevance center.

The proposed design is formed from design features, which are derived of „Erdställe“ and transformed by means of spatial shapes. In this way a museum, which is connected to a historical „Erdstall“, will be designed to represent the relevance of „Erdställe“ in the future.

The Board:
shapes of space –  theories about the contourless space Board
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Jakob Brandstoetter

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