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Sci-processing mobile complex for the study and regeneration of soil.


There is a serious problem today which is acquiring alarming proportions – the pollution of soils in human life, especially in former industrial cities of Russia.

Thesis is a development of a mobile complex which is able to purify the land from various degrees of contamination using modern technologies (bioremediation and phytoremediation). Mobile complex includes a base with assembly and repair units, warehouses, garage for machinery, storage of purified ground and a mobile unit. The main idea of the project is to accommodate modern technology for stationary land clearing in a rigid structural frame - cell module having an opportunity to move around the area to be cleared. The architectural image of the complex is based on the idea of Supremacism, in particular, on Malevich’s “Black Square”. The appearance of the facade has been designed inspired by the ideas of the avant-garde. In order to identify the main forms two colors were selected: red - the supporting structure, and gray – independent volumes. Through the main front passes a glass wall that provides sufficient sun exposure for the complex.

The mobile unit is a 4-level object with a height of 21m; it has a hexagonal shape which provides a convenient interface between the objects using hinged linkages. The first technical level looks like two rectangles containing a reinforcing rib for the whole structure, as well as the engine room, in which the mechanical part of the motor drives the unit. On the second level there is a laboratory and a technical area, to determine the extent of soil treatment readiness; the third room contains a WC, shower and rest area. On the fourth level there is a control room and a technical service area. Module’s speed on tracks is less than 5 km/h (unloaded condition). The module is designed so that after a given area is cleared, it can be easily disassembled and redirected to another far-positioned contaminated area. There, it can quickly be assembled and can continue its work. The mobile unit combines rational cleaning technology with a competent rigid structural system and an original architectural shape, and, in my opinion, it’s a good example of industrial design.

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Sci-processing mobile complex for the study and regeneration of soil. Board


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