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Rocked by the waves


Our project is based on five key words: water, volumetric
communication,bamboo, palafitta and light.
Water enters inside the space not only visually but also
materially through the inner court;
it makes the contest perfectly integrated with Iseo lake,
where we decided to position the project.
The light invades the whole space from the top floor,
completely illuminated
through the stairs to fill the inner court space crossed
by the water.
The theme of the ‘palafitta’ as the outer lining of the
room it’s a reference to the first man-made constructions
built in Iseo lake.
The focus of our project must be communication and
fusion between indoor and outdoor space as if this
room ever floated on the bank of the lake an

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Rocked by the waves Board
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Archi LAV

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