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Roberto & Giulia Post Lockdown


Roberto and Giulia’s apartment has been carefully modified to create a sustainable environment for the couple. As stated by the brief, Roberto works for a consulting firm, while Giulia is a designer. The workspace incorporates a stationary desk for Roberto and a flexible workspace for Giulia. This dedicated office space allows for the couple to stay motivated in a perfect work environment and encourages communication. Placing the home office away from the common facilities encourages movement inside the house and helps create break-out spaces, away from work. The balcony for instance, allows the couple to enjoy a cup of tea/ coffee while interacting with outdoor environment.

The workspace has been designed to incorporate flexible workspace for Giulia. This includes folding tables that could be opened/ closed down according to her requirement. The room further includes storage spaces for books, files etc. for the couple and display shelves for Giulia. The window and artificial lights together help provide a comfortable working environment for the couple.

The designed incorporates cosy corners for the pet cat in the living room, bedroom and the balcony. The apartment has been carefully designed to allow easy mobility around the different spaces for the users. Further, the common facilities have been differentiated from the workspace for privacy.

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Roberto & Giulia Post Lockdown Board
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Rucha Valimbe

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