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Home is a concept associated with resting, leisure and intimate social activities with close family and friends.

Typically, one does not Work From Home unless something unusual has happened, like an injury, sickness, or a global pandemic that forces most of the citizens to self-quarantine.

The Ideal for a healthy, sane and productive life is to have differentiated spaces in which to Sleep, Work, Exercise and Rest. This way, one’s mind can compartmentalize and set a certain mindset for each activity in each consecrated space.

This was simple before the self-quarantine, as half of these activities happened away from home, but now, small houses and apartments everywhere must deal with this compartmentalizing problem.

Our classic Home environments are not ready to support a healthy Work From Home lifestyle, our homes and apartments simply lack the variability of spaces. PUZZLE HOUSE offers an answer to this problem: create a distinct transformable space supported by the essential rigid uses of the house, with enough variability to achieve distinct spacialities for each of the supported activities. Support-ing spaces: immovable rooms because of installation, bioclimatic or programmatic needs. The Support-ing spaces are the Kitchen, the Bathroom and the Bedroom. Support-ed spaces: a continuous room compartmentalized by sliding pieces of furniture that will contain the accessory furniture and storage that helps define the function of each compartment. The WFH lifestyle is reflected in a highly variable space that offers the maximum customization.

The Supporting spaces are set along one of the sides of the apartment. The Bathroom will be placed in the middle, as it needs to be accessible from anywhere at any time. The Bedroom will stay closest to the façade and furthest from the entrance for privacy reasons, and as a counterbalance for being the smallest room, to decongest the space. The Kitchen is therefore placed closest to the entrance and the office/dining space. The Supported spaces are set longitudinally to the other side of the apartment. They are integrated in a single open room, compartimentalized by two sibling furniture pieces that create distinct office, dining, leisure, sports, and self-care spaces. The pieces of furniture are wooden and move along rails set in the floor and ceiling and have set positions for each spatial configuration. They both house key accessories to the spaces they are part of and offer great storage capacity.

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