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Project Jerusalen, Construction of a country residential complex

Construction of a country residential complex of 22 homes and common areas that integrates the concepts of innovation, technology, wellness and sustainability, responding to the landscape through strategies that allow mimicry and the use of natural resources.
Generate ideas and architectural, landscape and urban design proposals, innovative and imaginative, appropriate to the requirements of a future user with high purchasing power. This solution must guarantee its total development, with the highest quality, taking into consideration the climatic and physical conditions of the environment, ensuring maximum harmony with the landscape, incorporating bioclimatic strategies that also ensure the comfort of living, as well as setting the guide

Toda la información se encuentra en la página oficial del concurso. On the official page of the contest is all the detailed information. Link: The documentation presented will be the necessary to understand the project, being at the discretion of the participants the graphic representation, model images, perspectives, sketches, renderings, among others. Graphical representation of the design concept Text, describing the concept and intentions of the project (maximum one page) Bioclimatic analysis where the decision making in the configuration of the project is evidenced. Zoning and architectural program of the project in general, taking into account the relationship of housing, social areas and landscape. Graphic representation of the aesthetics of the houses, their relationship with the environment and materiality of the facades. General graphic representation of the proposal implemented in the natural context with the built volume. The intention of the project is only to define the aesthetics of the project based on a design concept that determines the guidelines for the future development of the project, taking as a first step the power of mimicry of the architectural object with the landscape.

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