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Due to the pandemic epidemic worldwide, the time we spent in closed areas has increased significantly. At the same time, we were deprived of many things that the quarantine lifestyle requires. We cannot move, walk, walk to the open air.

Due to current the conditions, it is aimed to take remote working methods to a more ergonomic and practical ways in order to continue our working life efficiently. If the new working methods would be successful; It also increases the likelihood of utilizing these new working methods permanently after the epidemic period.

In order to use every 68 m2 of the apartment -which is presented as a competition area- it is aimed to organize functionally each m2 as much as possible by social activity, working and living areas together in harmony. With the walking path used in the project, it is aimed not to isolate home and office lives from external life. The area inside the walking path is designed to convert living or working mode with portable glass partitions and multi-functional furnishings. The remaining areas are located in such a way as to provide circulation from the walking path as dining, kitchen and shower. The walking path is also designed so that host can use it as an art exhibition when desired. Almost the entire house has become part of the story, with a walkway that allows flexible use.

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Murat Özyazgan

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