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Our new perfect day


The outbreak of Corona has led to an increase in smart working across the world. No matter where we live and whatever is our living condition our perception of time and space is changing. Roberto and Giulia are living in a small apartment and they’re adopting the home office mode even after the end of the pandemic lockdown. However their house, is not designed for that. The routine of this new life style introduces previously unknown needs to our lives and therefore they’ve to think about their home space in a different way. To help them in the construction of this new life style, we imagined not only a new interior concept that investigates the relationship between private and working dimensions but also a new perception of domestic spaces

It’s time to say goodbye to open plans; the entrance is now a dedicated buffer zone between the inside and the outside where we can leave shoes, clothing and all the belonging to the street. The bedroom and the bathroom are small and intimate spaces to find your own privacy which occupy the minimum area needed in order to have more space for the daily activities. But how to manage the remaining 34 sqm for a kitchen, a living room and an office? The priority is to have a permanent and dedicated working space to set up a full equipped office – with a proper desk, an adjustable and ergonomic chair and one or more large monitor and a desktop PC – as a separate room. Instead the living room and the kitchen could be thought as a unique space where sharing time and activities. We designed a unit, which provides a dedicated, permanent and fully equipped office without wasting sqm. The office is located in a different level to the living area and all the space below it is usable for the living area, for the bedroom and for the entrance as wardrobes, book shelves and storage. The working area is conceived as an independent room closed by a soundproof curtain set up with all the comforts, its own personalized lighting system, power sockets and and a library. The unit consists in a metal structure and MDF panels painted in blue. The unit creates a colourful environment: blue colour stimulates the mind leading to more productivity, while yellow stimulates emotions and creativity.

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