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The OriGummy Studio Apartment. The word Ori carries a meaning of foldable in Japanese, while Gummy literally could be interpreted as a standard of flexibility and carried the meaning of easier assemble for young couple. From this perspective, our team intend to provide an innovative and quality Co-Working Life Style supported by a standard of flexibility towards individuals’ preferences whereby the young couple are able to experience quality, comfortable, and convenient at once.

The integrated design concept for OriGummy Studio Apartment intend to provide an ideal condition of space while fulfilling the common needs of consumers such as a quality, comfortable, and convenient living space. Besides, we had also considered about the young couple’s priorities during their daily activities such as spacious enough for their little furry kids to adapt (if they had one) and guests-welcoming for family and friends to visit. Therefore, from the 3 meters height of apartment, we propose to divide the space into 2 levels whereby the 1st level would be 2 meters height and 2nd level would be a meter height. According to the apartment’s height of both levels after division, we intend to propose an effective plan towards the use of space. The 2nd level with a meter height are planned to use as a mini library while the 1st level with 2 meters height are planned to fulfil extremely as an ideal space of quality Co-Working Living Environment. The intention of providing an innovative and quality Co-Working Life Style brought us to propose the elements of flexibility and foldable towards our furniture design. The major furniture that fully carried elements of flexible and foldable are named as Cargos. The word Cargos represent the elements of flexible. It tend to make a balance between an energetic working space and relaxing living environment. At the meantime, a recommendation of blending some natural elements would be great with the presence of Cargos.

The proposed furniture, Cargos are designed in 2 different models yet carried the same purpose of space-saving. The first model of Cargos are designed effectively for a tiny apartment whereby it proposed to use as a ‘foldable table’ in both personal working space and dining area. It adapted ‘foldable design’ to represent the elements of flexibility. The transformation of working space can be done by ‘foldable table’ into an enclosed working space or it could be an open working space according to the young couple’s preference. Then, the second model of Cargos designed a duo-usage of ‘foldable sofa-bed’ between ordinary sofa and bed which helps the young couple to achieve a spacious living environment in a tiny apartment. Also, Cargos are in 360° movable direction which able to fulfil the needs of convenient in living environment. Last but not least, the OriGummy Studio Apartment proposed to create a large alternative space in a tiny apartment to achieve an innovative and quality Co-Working Life Style as well as blending in the elements of nature and the most preferable living style of consumers. By this, we believe that OriGummy Studio Apartment would definitely bring a spark of joy in between the relationship of young couple.

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