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OH – Switch (Office – Home Switch) is an innovative, individual concept for moving a workplace from the office to the home. Thanks to the use of hidden folding desks and innovative intelligent lighting and audio, there was created a special space, that can be easily transformed from a relax zone into a workplace, fully adapted to the user – all in just a few seconds . By adjusting the color temperature of the light and the speakers hidden in the wall, household members can create an atmosphere conducive to focus or relaxation. The whole innovative structure has been integrated into a minimalist, modern design, perfect for a young couple, who can now comfortably and easily work from home, without the need for a separate room for the office.

The work zone is equipped with two folding desks, a locker for documents and computer with adjustable monitor. The minimalist interior design, the use of natural materials, as well as carefully selected and designed smart lighting with the function of switching on the cold light color combined with natural light coming through the window - bring the perfect atmosphere to focus and effective work. In addition, an intelligent sound system with the ability to switch to headphones mode allows to select music for work or participate in video conferences.

The relax zone is equipped with two comfortable armchairs and a coffee table - matching the harsh and ascetic decor. This place is ideal for rest, morning coffee or reading a book from the bookcase located in this zone. Smart lighting allows to turn on warm light in general mode, which makes the space fill with a calm, relaxing atmosphere, while the intelligent sound system in the form of the system of speakers hidden in the wall allows to adjust the music to the mood. This solution creates ideal conditions for rest and recovery after a hard day's work.

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