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NO_LAND Island

This sci-fi project reflects our need to create a home in the sky, a vehicle similar to that of Hayao Miyazaki’s famous movie “Castle in the sky”, in which anyone would be able to travel around the world and live literally in the sky.

This concept of the “flying” house inspired us to design a 17 floor unit, each consisting of recreation spaces and residential areas. The structure of the unit imitates the cocoon a caterpillar creates in order to transform to a butterfly. The reason we chose this particular shape is our belief that through traveling people can transform spiritually and become a better version of themselves. Knowing new places and meeting strange worlds awakens your mind and enriches your creativity. Whouldn’t it be great if you were traveling with your home?

The no_land project consists of a group of vehicle units which fly all around the world. Each unit consists of 5 types of available apartments which can provide accommodation for 1 to 6 people. The interior of every apartment has an open plan space in order to encourage occupants to restrict their privacy and to enjoy the common life. Overall, each unit’s capacity can reach the number of 230 residents while its maximum traveling duration is 2 years.

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